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Where can I find results for beta monitoring in air?

The EPA monitors beta particles as part of the RadNet network through routine laboratory air filter analysis. RadNet air filters are sent to the EPA’s National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL) for measurement of gross beta air concentrations and further analysis if warranted. Analysis results for beta measurements on air filters are available on RadNet individual monitoring location webpages or through the Envirofacts website.

In the past, the EPA presented near-real-time monitoring data for gross beta counts. The EPA discontinued the near-real-time gross beta monitoring program because the detectors were neither able to confirm nor rule out the presence of specific beta emitters. The beta detectors were unable to provide identification or quantification of specific nuclides, and the beta detectors were subject to various interferences. Historical near-real-time beta results may be viewed on the RadNet Central Data Exchange (CDX) website or downloaded from the RadNet CSV File Downloads webpage.


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