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Why is Federal Guidance Report No. 14 targeted at federal facilities and not at other facilities that use x-ray in their medical, dental or veterinary practice?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Federal Guidance authority allows EPA to provide advice to federal agencies with respect to radiation matters that directly or indirectly affect public health. While most of the recommendations can be applied to any type of medical facility using radiological diagnostic and interventional imaging equipment, there are some considerations unique to federal facilities, such as using portable x-ray units in battlefield conditions.

Private health care facilities may already be familiar with and using many of the proposed recommendations in this document. Many of the recommendations have been identified as best practices by international and U.S. radiation protection organizations and U.S. professional medical organizations. This guidance should serve as a reminder to all medical professionals who use radiological diagnostic and interventional imaging equipment to keep patient doses as low as reasonably achievable without compromising patient care.

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