Frequent Questions

Where can I get more information about the WIPP?

You can get more information about the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in a number of different places. The EPA maintains a WIPP news page containing all of the news from the WIPP, including more information about our oversight role, the dockets for the WIPP, and information about certification of the WIPP. The EPA also has a resource list with contact information for the various agencies, federal and local, that have a role in the WIPP.

You can also sign up for WIPP updates by visiting the WIPP news page.

For more information on the Department of Energy’s role at the WIPP, visit the WIPP page on The Department of Energy also maintains a WIPP Information line at 1-800-336-9477 if there are unanswered questions following the review of both the EPA’s and the Department of Energy’s websites.

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