Frequent Questions

What guidance does MARSSIM provide on specific phases and aspects of site surveys?

Specific guidance available on the MARSSIM Manual download page:

  • Data Quality Objectives Process
    MARSSIM describes how to plan systematically and how to make planning decisions during the seven steps of the DQO process. For more information see:
    Chapter 2:Overview of the Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Process (Section 2.3.1) and Appendix D:The Planning Phase of the Data Life Cycle.

  • Historical Site Assessment
    Chapter 3, Historical Site Assessment, provides guidance for obtaining site information and prior survey data (operations records) for input to the final status survey.

  • Survey Planning and Design
    Chapter 5, Survey Planning and Design, identifies items needed for planning.

  • Field Survey Methods and Instrumentation
    MARSSIM provides guidance on sampling, direct measurements and scanning in Chapter 6, Field Measurement Methods and Instrumentation. It provides a descriptive instrumentation list in Appendix H: Description of Field Survey and Laboratory Analysis Equipment.

  • Interpretation of Survey Results
    MARSSIM provides guidance on Data Quality Assessment, data interpretation and statistical tests in Chapter 8: Interpretation of Survey Results.

  • QA/QC
    MARSSIM provides guidance on developing Quality Assurance Project Plans and performance-based Quality Control requirements in Chapter 9: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
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