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When does EPA support other organizations?

For radiological emergencies involving materials regulated or owned by another federal agency, EPA actively supports the lead federal agency and the affected state and local governments:

  • conducting environmental monitoring, sampling, and data analysis
  • assessing the national impact of any release on public health and the environment through the Agency's RadNet System
  • providing technical advice on containment and cleanup of the radiological contamination
  • assisting in site restoration and recovery

Whether in a leadership or support role, EPA has the option of sending its Radiological Emergency Response Team (RERT) to the accident scene. The RERT is a team of multidisciplinary, specially trained staff from EPA headquarters, its national radiation laboratories, and the Agency's ten regional offices. The team provides critical scientific and technical support to state and local governments and to other federal agencies. 

Learn more about EPA's radiological emergency response program.


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