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How much radiation am I exposed to when I have a fluoroscopic procedure?

The total radiation exposure depends on the length of the fluoroscopy procedure and the dose of the materials used. An interventional fluoroscopic procedure may expose the patient to the radiation equivalent of 75-3,000 chest x-rays. Examples of fluoroscopic procedures and approximate exposures are:

Barium swallow: 150 mrem (1.5 mSv)

Barium enema: 700 mrem (7.0 mSv)

Coronary angiogram: 460-1,580 mrem (4.6-15.8 mSv)

Angioplasty (heart study): 750-5,700 mrem (7.5-57 mSv)

Source: National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements (NCRP), Report No. 160

Don’t know what mSv or mrem means? See Radiation Terms and Units on

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